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Operational Efficiencies

One of our customers in the FMCG market, a household name was packing their products on an automated packing line. They were achieving 80 cartons per minute. We conducted an audit of their line and current packaging. Following our analysis we improved the die line, the creasing depths and we pre folded the carton in excess of normal standards.

These changes ensured that the cartons ran quicker and with less stoppages on their lines, as a result they now run at 125 cartons per minute, a massive 50% productivity increase. Our customer now has better operational efficiencies, new capacity to produce more products and their business can grow without investing in new machinery.

Brand Value

A national high street retailer was embarking on a rebranding exercise and wanted to become more environmentally friendly in their business and reflect this in their brand. Therefore an important aspect of their brand was their packaging. We researched the options and sourced a board material that was eco friendly. The new packaging we suppled was green, eco-friendly, and supported and enhanced the environmental image and marketing campaign they had developed for their brand.

Cost Reduction

We worked closely with an international cosmetic brand in a cost reduction program.  Conscious of not devaluing the brand and products we persuaded them to move from plastic packaging to 100% recycled carton board solution. We managed to maintain the brand strength whilst reducing their costs, reducing their environmental impact and also reducing their packing costs.

We initiated and drove a rationalisation project with another national high street retailer. During this process we identified a number of areas where a reduction in the number of SKU’s and print variances would not effect their range. We reviewed the impacts of the SKU rationalisation 6 months later and found they had reduced their inventory holding which had reduced their cash flow and risk management, their stock replenishment lead times had fallen and their supply chain was simpler.


One of our multinational pharmaceutical customers was facing deletion in a national pharmacy chain. We worked with their co-packer to design an innovative generic single pack for the brand range. This in turn reduced their carton costs, reduced their packing costs and simplified their supply chain. As a result they were able to pass these savings onto the retailer and maintained their national listing.

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